Antica Offelleria Verona.
The home of the original Offella.

A masterpiece of traditional Veronese pastry, ancestor of Pandoro, which becomes the undisputed protagonist of the festivities, perfect for all the most special moments. In the Antica Offelleria Verona, the queen of leavened desserts finds its home, the original fragrance, and the unmistakable tastiness.

Ancient Verona recipe.

In more than a century of history, Offella has kept the original recipe, known as Antica Verona. In the Antica Offelleria Verona, the pastry masters still prepare it this way: a few simple ingredients of excellent quality, combined together by artisanal knowledge thanks to an extraordinary experience and great respect for the Scaligera confectionery tradition.

Excellence is the first ingredient.

A centuries-old mother yeast, strong flours for a long natural leavening, high quality eggs, fresh cream butter and 100% Italian sugar. These are the gastronomic excellences responsible for giving flavor, aroma and incredible softness to the original Offella.

The most desired gift.

A refined meal, a tasty breakfast, a genuine snack: the Offella of Antica Offelleria Verona is not only a unique dessert, but it is the perfect gift for families and friends. Its tastiness is kept in fine handmade packages in our workshops, ready to be unwrapped and make every moment of the year special.


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